WW2 Weapons

The first categorization of the weapons used in WW2 (World War II) can be done simply by where they were used. Since WW2 was fought on land, air and sea, it seems natural to make an overview of the weapons used into three:


1) WW2 weapons - Land -

2) WW2 weapons - Air -

3) WW2 weapons - Sea -



Below are some example of weapons and arms used in WW2, as well as modes of transport used.

WW2 weapons - Land -

The weapons used in WW2 on land can be divided into two categories, those used by people and vehicles. Weapons in the first category were specifically used by soldiers.

Soldiers in WW2 typically used a bayonet, spade, pistol, hand grenade, rifle and machine gun. Weapons such as the assault rife were also used for the first time in WW2.



The second category includes weapons such as guns, howitzers, mortars and cannons, with or without an appropriate vehicle (i.e. a tank or Lavette)

WW2 weapons - Air -

During WW2 weapons were transported from location to location by a variety of aircraft. Planes were equipped with machine guns and bombs, and also transported chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

A rough categorization of the aircraft used to transport weapons in WW2 is as follows:


- Reconnaissance aircraft

- Bomber planes

- Fighter planes

- Transporter planes

- Gliders

- Jet fighters

- Helicopters


Both jet fighters and helicopters made their debut in WW2, used by the United States and Germany: the amount of helicopters used was negligible, however, and generally only used as a way to transport weapons.

WW2 weapons - Sea -

A variety of ships were used to transport both troops and WW2 weapons. They can be categorized thus:


- Battleships (weapon and troop transportation)

- Destroyers (weapon transportation)

- Aircraft carriers (weapon and troop transportation)

- Minesweepers (troop transportation)

- Hydrofoils (weapon and troop transportation)

- U-boats (weapon transportation)


WW2 Weapons of all kinds, whether ammunition, rifles, machine guns, cannons, rockets and bombs were transported thus.


WW2 weapons

At the beginning of the war in 1939 the German navy was not adequately equipped for a full scale naval war, particularly technically. During the course of the war, the focus of fighting shifted to the sea (WW2 England), particularly underwater where the German U-Boat (type 21), then equipped with standard weapons technology provided a blueprint for all current submarines.

Finally it can be said that WW2 weapons technology underwent through rapid changes during the war (WW2 Timeline), simply because the development of WW2 weapons grew out of necessity - and the fact that countries were producing large amounts of weapons - some of the weapons developed in WW2 are still used today (WW2 Summary).








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