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Summary WW2 tanks: Tanks in WW2 (Second World War) were constantly evolving. First, the materials used to make the armour developed with more robust and mature technology in response to the more powerful weapons being used against them. The increased armour was necessary in order to protect the weapons and people inside the WW2 tanks (see also WW2 Weapons).



Below is a list of the types of tank used in WW2 - it is by no means a complete list!

WW2 tanks model

The WW2 tanks are listed alphabetically and to their countries.


German models: Jagdpanzer, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdtiger, Hetzer, Marder I und II, Nashorn, Panzer I-VI Tiger, Panzer 35 (t), Panzer 38 (t), Panzerjäger I, Tiger (P)



Soviet models: BT-5, T-34, KV-1, KV 2, KV-85, JS 2, SU-85


American models: M3 Stuart, M4 Sherman, M18 Hellcat, M26 Pershing


British models: Archer, Challenger, Vickers Mk I, Mk III, Valentine, Mk VI, Crusader Mk VII,I Cromwell


Italian models: Carro Armato M13/40


Hungarian model: Turan


French Model: SOMUA S-35


Polish model: 7TP

WW2 tanks information

Although the Panzer I was already out of date, it was used extensively in the Blitzkrieg and in the war in general. This WW2 tank formed the main part of the German armoured forces in WW2.

The tank II was used as a stopgap until production of the Panzer III - IV. The Panzer III had enhanced armor and was thought of as having robust and reliable technology.

The Panzer IV can be considered one of the workhorses of the German WW2 tanks. It is not one of the most important aspects of WW2, but an essential ingredient.


WW2 tanks


The Panzer V and VI, as the Tigers are known, are the most famous German WW2 tanks. The WW2 tanks development after WW2 is also interesting.

During WW2, the importance of the Jagdpanzer increased steadily. It primarily worked using an assault gun mounted on a rotating turret. The increased armour was only on the front of the tank and on its guns. WW2 tanks are an interesting topic and worth taking a closer look at if you are interested in technology (WW2 Russia, WW2 England).








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