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Information WW2 Start: Friday, September 1st 1939 is considered to be the date WW2 (World War II) start in the European theatre. It was this Friday that the German army attacked Poland without a formal declaration of war (something required under international law).

Two days later on Sunday September 3rd, Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and India declared war against the German Reich.



The start of WW2 in the Pacific theatre is more controversial, since there were several separate, smaller wars which escalated. The second Sino-Japanese war (also known as the China-Japan war), which began on July 7th 1937, can be considered the first.


WW2 Start - Where and When -

How does a war start? After the first border crossing? After the first act of violence? After the first declaration? There were already a lot of dispatches prior to the beginnings of WW2 reporting border violations, assaults and other incidents. Examples include the radio station at Gleiwitz and the border town of Bytom.

Where did WW2 start? While the date of the war is non-controversial, the exact location where the first shots were fired is controversial, with two contenders:

- The bombardment of the Polish garrison in Westerplatte (WW2 Aircraft)

- The Polizisten (German home guard) and SS-led attack on the Polish post office in Danzig

The starting hour of WW2 is usually given as 5.40 or 4.45 local time.

WW2 Begins

WW2 Start - Command -

Who is responsible for the command that launched WW2? The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Adolf Hitler issued the order to his army to attack Poland on August 31st 1939 (Germany after WW2).


WW2 Start - Facts and Dates -

Summary of information about WW2 start:


* July 7th 1937: Japan invades China, starting the second Sino-Japanese war, creating the first possible theatre of war for WW2

* Dispatches concerning aggressive skirmishes on border towns like Gleiwitz and Beutler suggest that war is coming

* September 1st 1939: Germany invades Poland (the start of WW2 - controversial)

* September 3rd 1939: Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and India declare war on the German Reich (U-boats WW2)

* WW2 in Europe starts either at the Polish Post Office in Danzig, or the Polish garrison stationed in Westerplatte.

* The starting time of the war is either 4.45 or 5.40 local time but this is disputed (see text)




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