WW2 Soldiers

The number of WW2 soldiers estimated to have fought in the war depends on the sources used. Additionally, the time periods considered affects the estimate. The numbers calculated from 1937-1945 will be very different from those calculated for the years 1939-1945.



The following table shows the number of WW2 soldiers who fought. Numbers are based on research from various media sources (books, articles, the internet) and does not claim absolute authority or accuracy. On the contrary, only the strongest armies of WW2 (World War II) were examined, with the number of soldiers being rounded up and given the widest possible margins.



The aim here is not to show the exact amount of soldiers who served: rather more to offer a general overview of the soldiers deployed in WW2. For a better overview, the following list will therefore list the armies from biggest through to smallest:

WW2 Soldiers - List -

Russia: c. 34 million

Germany: 17m-20m

China: 17m-18m

United States of America: c. 16m

Japan: 9m-10m

England: 5.5m-6m

Yugoslavia: 3.5m-4m

Italy: c. 3m

India: c. 2.4m

Canada: c. 1m

Australia c. 1m

Austria: c. 800,000

Belgium: c. 625,000

Romania 600,000

Finland: c. 500,000

South Africa: c. 400,000

Bulgaria: 300,000

The Netherlands: 300,000

New Zealand: 200,000

Norway: c. 75,000

Brazil: 40,000


Once again - it is important to note that the numbers stated above for WW2 soldiers who served in the war are unofficial estimates from various sources, and the list is from largest army to smallest for the sake of an easy overview.


WW2 Soldiers - Information -

If one was to round up all the numbers mentioned above, a bare minimum of 140,340,000 soldiers fought in the WW2. This correlates with the first approximations in relevant literature which has settled on the sum of 150,000,000 soldiers who fought in WW2 (see WW2 History).


Some additional information to WW2 soldiers based on estimates


Estimated number of Wehrmacht soldiers at the beginning of WW2 in 1939: aproximately 4,500,000 - 6,000,000 (WW2 Movies)


WW2 Soldiers


Estimated population of Germany in 1939: approximately 80 million, with 24.5m being males aged 15-65, so more or less 20% to 25% of the adult German men were already soldiers at the beginning of WW2 (England WW2).








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