WW2 Movies

There are many, many WW2 movies which focus on different aspects of the conflict. Here you will find a “Top 10” sorted by category. WW2 (World War II) has long been an inspiration for directors. In addition to WW2, the Vietnam war has also been shown on movie. If you want to get an overview of WW2 movies in existence, it’s natural to divide them into categories.



The list that follows is one such attempt.

WW2 Movies categories:

1) WW2: War reportage

2) WW2: Propaganda movies

3) WW2: Educational movies from the German Army (Wehrmacht)

4) WW2: German newsreel movies

5) WW2: Movies

6) WW2: Movies top 10

6) WW2: Documentaries (WW2 1945)



WW2 movies categories 1) to 4)

Many of the movies in these categories are archived at the German Federal Archives in Berlin. There are also supplementary documents on movies available which tell and complete the story of WW2. Another good place to search for videos which discuss WW2 is the Library and Military History Research Office, which is based in Potsdam. Alternatively, you can get a first look at most WW2 movies here simply using Youtube.

WW2 Movies

It’s best to approach all of these movies with a critic’s eye, since glorification or vilification of the characters portrayed in the movie is typically in the foreground. Here is a list of movies, which might not be the ultimate “Top 10”, but do give a flavour of how the war was for people at the time.

WW2 Movies top 10

1) The Bridge - Very young soldiers fight in the armed forces to survive in Germany in 1945

2) The Longest Day - A movie about D-Day. The day of the landing of Allied troops in Normandy on June 6, 1944

3) Saving Private Ryan - The movie shows the Allied landings in Normandy. In the chaos of war, a son must be found and brought home (WW2 tanks).

4) Das Boot - Wolfgang Petersen's oppressive submarine movie is shaped by the claustrophobic tightness of the tiny cabin, and the long tracking shots. The futility and horror of the WW2 unfolds slowly in this movie (U-Boats WW2).

5) Schindler's List - A movie about Oskar Schindler (1908-1974), an industrialist in the WW2, who saved some 1,200 Jews from Poland and Czechoslovakia from death in Auschwitz.

6) The Battle of Britain - A British war movie about the struggle for air supremacy in the WW2 between Britain and Germany.

7) The Bridge over the River Kwai - A movie about Allied prisoners in the years 1942 - 1945 forced to work on Japanese railways.

8) Tora! Tora! Tora! - A movie that was movieed in 1970 by an American-Japanese co-production. The story focuses on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor


WW2 Movies


9) The Empire of the Sun - movie about a British boy who lives in Shanghai at the outbreak of war and later falls into captivity.

10) Der Zug - a movie about the Geman army in 1944 who find significant works of art in Paris and are trying to bring them back to Germany - in spite of advancing Allied forces.

WW2 Movies Documentaries

1) Hitler: A Career (director: Joachim Fest, Chistian Herrendörfer: 1977)

2) Attack on America: Hitler’s 9/11 (director: Christoph Weber: 2008)

3) John Ford Goes to War (director: Tom Thurman: 2002)

4) My War (director: Harriet Eder, Thomas Kufus: 1990)

5) Paul: The Field Marshal and the Trauma of Stalingrad (director: Henry Koehler: 1997)

6) The Battle of Midway (director: John Ford: 1942) [short movie]

7) Stalingrad (director: Christian Klemke, Jan N. Lorenzen: 2002)

8) Stalingrad (director: Sebastian Dehnhardt: 2006)

9) Mortal Enemies - Death and Survival in Stalingrad (director: Rolf Schubel, Grigori Tschuchrai:1993)

10) The WW2 or “Mirror TV - The War in Colour” (director: Michael Kloft: 1999)


This selection of WW2 movies can really only be taken as an example of movies that fit each category. The task of creating a comprehensive list is beyond the scope of this site.








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