WW2 End

Information WW2 End: At 00.01 o’clock on May 9th September WW2 (World War II) in Europe ended in the German city of Reims. The final surrender of the German army took place two days before on May 7th in the headquarters of the American General Dwight D. Eisenhower in Reims.



The treaty was formally signed on May 8th 1945 and repeated again on the 9th at the Soviet headquarters in Berlin-Karlshorst. Due to delays the signing in Berlin took place very shortly after midnight.

This is generally considered the end of WW2, though hostilities continued in the Pacific theatre until September 2nd 1945 when the Japanese surrendered in Tokyo Bay aboard the US ship Missouri.


WW2 End - VE Days -

Thus May 8th 1945 is known as VE Day (Victory in Europe Day), marking the WW2 end in Europe. Likewise in the Soviet Union and its satellite states, VE Day is celebrated on the 9th.

It is noteworthy that in Holland, another day (May 5th) is celebrated as Liberation Day (Bevrijdingdag). The beginning of the WW2 end came with the capitulation of the German army on May 5th.

The end of hostilities in Japan is known as VJ Day (Victory in Japan Day). The entire war began in 1939 and ended in 1945, lasting more than 5 ½ years, or 68 months (World War II Casualties).


WW2 End - Summary -

Summary of dates about WW2 end:

* May 5th 1945: The German army surrenders partially in the Netherlands

* May 7th: The German army surrenders totally at Eisenhower’s headquarters in the German city of Reims

WW2 End

* May 8th: The German army surrenders again to the Soviets in their headquarters at Berlin-Karlshorst

* September 2th: The Japanese surrender to the Americans in Tokyo Bay

* WW2 lasted from 1939 (WW2 Start) and ended in 1945, after more than 5 ½ years or 68 months (World War 1 and 2).




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