WW2 Aircraft

In WW2 aircraft were used more widely. The airplanes of the airforces of all countries served as support for ground troops, strategic and logistic operations and of course attacks on factories, cities and strategic targets. A  first subdivision of aircraft can be obtained by listing the types of aircraft used, provided in the following list.



WW2 aircraft types:


- Reconnaissance aircraft

- Bomber planes

- Fighters and fighter pilots

- Transporters

- Education and liaison aircraft



- Gliders

- Navy aircraft (seaplanes, aircraft carriers)

- Jet fighter (first used in the second world war)

- Helicopter (first used in the second world war)


WW2 aircraft and their use in Europe

Prior to WW2 (World War II) in Europe, in 1938 a new weapons program (see also WW2 tanks) was launched in England, designed to enable the British Royal Air Force (RAF) to defend England against German aircraft and to launch an offensive if necessary.

From the summer of 1940 through until early 1941 the Battle of Britain raged. The invasion of England seemed possible only with secure air cover. On August 24th 1940 German aircraft flew over London and bombed the capital. As a result of this, around 30,000 died in London.

There were heavy losses from the Luftwaffe’s strategic goal change (see also U-Boats WW2). There were over 60 night raids on London. However, the anticipated requirements for a landing on German troops in England in WW2 could not be obtained.

WW2 aircraft and their further use

In the Pacific, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 with some 350 aircraft.


WW2 Aircraft


The first major American attack in the air took place in August 1942 with 12 Boeing B17s used over Rouen in France.

The Russian Red Air Force entered the war in 1941 with more than 12,000 aircraft, the largest force in the whole of WW2.

The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were accomplished with American aircraft, bringing the war to an end (WW2 1945).

These examples show that WW2 aircraft played a significant part in WW2 particularly near to the end.








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