WW2 1945

Summary WW2 1945: At the beginning of 1945 WW2 was nearing its end. On the Eastern Front, the Red Army (WW2 Russia) was marching ever closer to Germany, and could be found between 180-305 kilometres from the frontier (excluding East Prussia). The Red Army’s offense began in earnest on January 12th 1945 at the Baranov bridgehead.



On the western front, the Allies launched their own attack on February 8th 1945 with an attack east of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Days later, on February 23rd 1945 Allied forces were fighting in Germany itself, having launched an assault on the Ruhr (WW2 Germany).



On April 12th 1945 US President Roosevelt passed away unexpectedly. On April 25th 1945 American and Soviet troops shook hands in Torgau on the banks of the river Elbe. Later that day, Allied forces arrived in Berlin. Just five days later (30th) Hitler committed suicide in his bunker.

WW2 1945 Germany

The city of Berlin surrendered on May 2nd 1945. An important date in WW2 1945 summary.

The Germans signed treaties of unconditional surrendered in Reims (American HQ) on May 7th 1945 and again on May 8th 1945 at the Soviet HQ in Berlin, thus ending WW2 in Europe. The transfer of the Dönitz government happened in captivity on May 23rd 1945.

WW2 1945 Asia

In Asia, WW2 was still raging. The Potsdam declaration was issued by the US, England and China and called on the Japanese government to follow in the footsteps of Germany and surrender. On April 1st 1945 American units landed in Okinawa. The fighting here ended after two months on June 21st 1945. The first atomic bombing was in Hiroshima (August 6th 1945) and the second followed on August 9th 1945 in Nagasaki (WW2 Weapons).


WW2 1945


The Soviet Union declared war on Japan on August 8th 1945 and commenced a major offensive in Mainland Asia against the clearly inferior Kwantung army.


The Japanese signed for unconditional surrender on September 2nd 1945 on US battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay, ending WW2 in 1945 in Asia.








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