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WW2 Information: Here, you can find out a lot more about World War 2. This page features comprehensive data, facts and information about WW2, as does the rest of this website. Here, you can find out what really happened in the second world war. The beginning and the end of WW2 is secentifically controversal, since it results in two “periods”.



WW2 - World War Two


WW2: Beginning in Asia

Some historians claim that World War 2 actually began in the Far East. On 7th July 1939, Japanese and Chinese troops met each other at the Marco Polo Bridge which is located on the outskirts of Beijing. Using this batte as a reference point, one can say that the Second World War actually began in Asia, with the climate of war spreading West to the great powers of Europe.


World War 2: Beginning in Europe

The German attack on Poland in the early hours of 1st May 1939 can also be considered the beginning of WW2. In this case, the Second World War began in Europe, not Asia (WW2 Start).


The end of World War 2 can be considered as the 8th or 9th of May 1945. The reason for this is that Germany signed for unconditional surrender in Berlin; due to some delays, the treaty was not signed until midnight; or, more precisely, 00.01am on the 9th. Whether or not this is important will not be discussed here (WW2 End).


WW2 World war two


Another end date for WW2 is 2nd September 1945, when the Japanese surrendered to the Americans about the U.S.S. Missouri. This can be considered the last 'act' of the second world war. Thus, WW2 lasted for 5 1/2 years.


Viewed from different angles, it's easy to vary just how long WW2 really was. The following periods are therefore subject to the above assumptions within this debate.

a) WW2 period: from 7th July 1937 to 2nd September 1945 (assuming the beginning-end takes place in Asia)

b) WW2 period: from 1st September to 8th/9th May 1945 (assuming the beginning-end takes place in Europe)









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