U-Boats WW2

U-boats in WW2 (World War II) were used to disrupt attempts at logistical operations and communications. Building began in 1922 in the Netherlands, contravening the terms of the Versailles Treaty. The engineering firm doing the work was under German control. The construction and testing of U-boats on behalf of other countries made for a favourable precedent for the construction of German U-boats in the future.



At the beginning of WW2 the German navy had 55 U-Boats. Over the course of WW2, more than 1150 would be built, 860 of which would be used, and more than 780 would be lost. U-Boats WW2 is an interesting topic worth deeper research (WW2 tanks).



U-Boats WW2 types

The following is a list of German U-boat types which were operational during WW2:


U-Boats WW2 types:


1) I A

2) II A

3) II B

4) I D

5) VII A

6) VII B

7) VII C

8) VII C42

9) VII D

10) VII F


U-Boats WW2 timeline

At the beginning of WW2 U-Boats  were used primarily to weaken attempts at communications and disrupt logistical routes. Connections and supply lines were cut off and destroyed.

After the United States entered WW2, the goal of the U-boats was modified. The priority was now to sink as many boats as possible. The blockade of England had lost its importance. Submarines were also operating in the world’s oceans (WW2 Weapons).


U-Boats WW2


Due to the rapid progress of the Allies on land,  U-Boats WW2 lost their significance in the historical narrative of WW2 after April/May 1943. There was a dwindling of opportunities for U-boats to succeed in their mission.


U-boats and the end of WW2

On April 30th 1945, towards the final days of the war, Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz issued an order that all ships and U-boats were to be sunk, unless they were suitable for fishing and mining activities. This command was taken back under the terms of surrender.

The captains of some of the U-boats ignored this second command, resulting in more than 200 submarines being sunk, destroyed or left in front of ports (WW2 1945).








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