Germany After WW2

Information about Germany after WW2: After World War II, life in Germany was completely different. A global conflict spanning the years 1939-1945 had come to an end. Globally,  around 110 million soldiers (WW2 soldiers) were putting down their weapons, and some 20 million of them were in Germany.



There was immense damage to Germany’s infrastructure, and many transport routes and methods of transportation were severely damaged. After WW2, Germany had about 5 million buildings, including some 1,600,000 homes, destroyed.



The scale of Germany’s defeat was so immense that the spirit of denial that had been prevalent in 1918 did not re-surge in 1945 (World War 2 Casualties). This mentality facilitated the introduction of a democratic society in West Germany.

The role of women in Germany also changed after WW2. The personal experience of women in wartime, whether as a factory worker in the weapons factors (WW2 aircraft), or struggling as a partisan, changed the way that women saw themselves and their place in society. The traditional role of women in Germany was being questioned, and women wanted to keep their freedom in the post-war German society. It is important to mention the “rubble women” (Trümmerfrauen) in this context.


Germany after WW2


The impact and development of WW2 also shaped social and moral values of Germans in the long-term. The division of Germany into the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, also known as West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR, also known as East Germany) are further examples of the political development of Germany in those days.

The development of Europe was also highly influenced by the events of WW2. Just like Germany, many European countries went from dictatorships to democratic states.








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