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Information about England WW2: During WW2 England was on the side of the Allies, and one of the decisive players in shaping the course that WW2 (World War II) took. Famous names like Churchill are inextricably linked to the topic "England WW2" as well as Britain itself.



Some important statistics regarding England’s actions in WW2 are listed below:

- England declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939 along with France, India, Australia and New Zealand (see also WW2 Germany).

- On May 15th 1940 the Battle of Britain, the strategic air war against Germany over British skies began. The Battle of Britain (July 10th, 1940) reached its zenith on August 8th 1940 when the Germans launched Adlertag (Eagle Day)

For the Germans, the air war was simply to enable the Germans to launch a sea and land invasion of England. This objective was not achieved, forcing Hitler on September 17th, 1940 to leave the invasion of England to a later date. An important decision for the topic “England WW2”.



On December 12th 1940, an agreement was signed between England and the Soviet Union, agreeing to mutual assistance in WW2 (see also WW2 Russia).

A British counter-offensive at El-Alamein led to a withdrawal of the Axis forces, which came in Tunisia in February 1943. The Allies launched Operation Overlord on June 6th 1944, swiftly followed by the Normandy landings on August 15th 1944, along with Operation Dragoon, the Allied landings in the south of France.

The city of Brussels was conquered by English troops on September 3rd 1944. By the beginning of 1945, England had already started their campaign to reconquer Burma. Both Hamburg and Rangoon were occupied by English WW2 troops on May 3rd 1945.

England WW2 Information

At the Allied Headquarter in Reims, the German troops signed a total surrender on May 7th 1945. The following day, at one minute past midnight, Germany repeated their total surrender to Allied troops, signifying the end of WW2. England had peace after a war which had cost so her many lives (WW2 Timeline).


England WW2

The final conference of the war, at Potsdam, featured Stalin (USSR), Truman (USA) and Churchill (UK), who were there to ask each other the important questions about WW2 and to discuss the postwar order.

England WW2 Summary

England had about 5.5 - 6m soldiers engaged during the WW2. The British victims of the war are estimated to be around 430,000.

England and WW2 is a huge topic, and this article has only briefly outlined what happened during the war years. This article aim to give readers first impressions and, hopefully, inspire them to learn more about England in WW2.








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