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WW2 facts is about the history of WW2 (World War II) in bitesize pieces. The website contains topical articles and offers a comparative presentation of important facts and dates relating to WW2.

The goal is to increase readers knowledge and understanding of the connections before, during and after the second world war.


WW2 Facts:


Firstly, facts and dates about WW2 are presented in a brief and clear manner. Secondly, readers have access to country-specific articles. Specific topics regarding WW2 are dealt with separately and listed.


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WW2 was the second war of the 20th century in which all the great powers took part. It is not for nothing that the second world war is regarded as the greatest and worst of all wars prior to it.

WW2 Facts

It will take a certain amount of time to research, write and publish these articles - especially considering that this website aims to be as objective as possible -. The WW2 facts, dates, timeline and information are to be presented in a style which will the reader enable to find the information as quickly as possible.





Book Recommendation

Richard Holmes

World War II: The Definitive Visual History

Very good book on the 2nd World War II, which provides comprehensive information about the events and chronology.


It gives an impressive overview of the causes, progress, and the most important events during this period (about 1200 stunning images). Important war aims and strategies are explained, and portrays of important personalities are included (as an example: Rommel and Churchill).


Not unimportant, the price is really low, in our view for such a good illustrated book.


For more information and an option to purchase at Amazon Click to the right.




2. Weltkrieg Daten (German site)








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